Meet The Team

Anthony Plogger


Director of Club Content

Coordinates Web & Social Media Content

Chair of Education Committee

Co-Chair of Entertainment Committee

Contact Anthony about volunteering for LGBTQIA+ Education and Entertainment Committees.

Ben Conner


Director of Technology

Coordinates Technology & Videography

Contact Ben about volunteering for Media Committee.

Bly Haines


Director of Compliance

Coordinates Quality & Compliance

Brandon Banks


Director of Marketing & Sales

Coordinates Marketing & Sales

Co-Chair of Membership Committee

Contact Brandon about volunteering for the Marketing and Membership Committees

Christopher Lehman


Director of Membership Benefits

Coordinates Memberships

Chair of Membership Committee

Contact Chris about volunteering for the Membership Committee.

Danielle Komo


Graphic Designer

Coordinates production of merchandise.

Dustin Kasperski


Director of Entertainment

 Coordinates Entertainer Bookings & Events

Chair of Entertainment Committee

Contact Dustin about volunteering for the Entertainment Committee.

Slavic Ryakhmyatullov


Director of Site Development

Coordinates Website & Venue Locations

Contact Slavic about volunteering at Venues.

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