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Family & Health Resources

Is there a mental health resource you would like to suggest? Complete our form so we can add it to our resource list. 

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Family Equality

Resources for Adoption, Foster Care, LGBTQ+ Laws by state.

Planning & Testing

Columbia's Planned Parenthood offers a variety of family planning services and sexual health testing. 

Medical Care

Liberty Family Medicine offers private healthcare for LGBTQIA+ community members with a variety of services. 


MU Healthcare provides many resources such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) consultations and provide the patient-centered care. 

Family Education

Educational online resources and more. Check out free virtual session on donor sperm & artificial insemination on June 3rd

LGBTQ+ Students

Resources for LGBTQ+ Parents and Youth.

TCP Trans Healthcare

With our partners at The Center Project, we have a list of Transgender Affirming Healthcare providers in the region.

WashU PrEP Program

Washington University’s PrEP Program offers same-day prescribing for PrEP, located at the WUSTL Infectious Diseases Clinic.

Trans Family Building

Resources on Family communication for transitioning parents

CoMo Health Department

STI, HIV, and PrEP Testing available

HIV & Preventative Care

Vivent Health has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV and provide the best patient-centered care possible. 

MU Family Medicine - South Providence

MU Family Medicine - South Providence offers exceptional care to its patience, many of whom are LGBTQIA+ affirming providers. 

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